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AIR PURIFICATION:  Our Air Purification brings the science and safety of nature indoors. The odor-eliminating, pollutant-reducing process found in sunlight and thunderstorms are recreated in the home. Our NASA inspired air purifiers with ActivePure Technology, a Certified Space Technology creates healthier living spaces by eliminating pollution at its source. Negatively charged ions remove pollutants from the air. ActivePure Technology duplicates nature to safely reduce contaminates on surfaces. This technology is used in the International Space Station. It is also used by major league sport teams in their locker and workout rooms.

LIVING WATER (OPTIMIZING WATER):  Drinking enough water isn't enough. Not all water is created equal. You have to drink the right kind of water. Healthy water with anti-oxidant properties and proper pH alkalinity creates uncompromising Health from the inside out. Our Living Water System allows you to own a limitless supply of alkaline, ionized, healthy water.

LAUNDRY PURE:  Clean Clothes without Detergent or Hot Water.  Cold water is infused with oxygen, peroxides, and other gases to bubble and lift dirt and grime from clothes fibers, leaving towels softer and fluffier, and clothes brighter and cleaner. Laundry Pure will save you money every time you do your laundry. 

Wellness Living Solutions

Vision: No one wants to be partially healthy, therefore our products offer a complete health choice. We have all heard we are what we eat...Not True...we are what we Absorb!  Air, water and nutrients are all vital to our health and what we absorb is key to good health.  The Medical & Scientific Advisory Board at Vollara LLC guides, test, and researches every component of every technology to ensure we are delivering solid, best in class products that fill real needs for all people. Through Wellness Living Solutions I am committed with my association with Vollara LLC to provide a life of healthy living, financial independence and the freedom to live life on your terms.  This company provides the training and experience-based knowledge to help you build a successful business.  There are mentors who will help guide you and provide you with additional support to grow your business. Be a entrepreneur and have your own home-based business.

Chuck Scarlata, Owner

Wellness Living Solutions, LLC

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About Me

I have worked in law enforcement for over 43 years. Helping people was, is and will always continue to be a part of who I am. I am now  retired from police work but still helping clients and partners with both their physical and financial health; allowing them to worry less and live more. I started my own company, Wellness Living Solutions, LLC where I am a distributor for Vollara,LLC.  With this company I am a customer first who believes in and uses the products offered,

My products can improve the health of your home and body.  You too can become financially independent by owning your own home-based business.  Want to know more, then please take  time to peruse this website and the adjoining websites and watch all the videos for some informative information. Click on the opportunity tabs to obtain even more information. I look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.